Digital Renderings

Is it hard to visualize what your space could possibly look like? Calming Spaces Interiors, Design & Remodeling can create a virtual rendering of your space so that you can better visualize your interior design or remodel projects. We not only sketch the imagery, but also accurately render a composition that highlights the scope, scale, size, and dimensions of your projects. This is the first link between an abstract idea and a fully rendered project.

By creating virtual renderings of your home you can see the walls removed before the demolition begins; the color scheme of a room; and the layout/size of the furniture in your space. This determines not only what the project should look like, but provide you with information about materials to be used before the project begins. Our state-of-art rendering digital and computer software are an important tool to open streams of communication between our designers and you, the client to reduce any misunderstandings.