Welcome to Calming Spaces

Calming Spaces Interiors & Design is a successful design firm catering to residential and commercial clients. We specialize in co-creating calming and healing spaces that transforms the lives of our clients who live and work in them. We believe that stylish interiors are soulful, passionate expression of their owners and that good design is about having things you love around you.

Investing in beautiful surroundings that enrich, nourish, and support your life can be transforming. Our clients have noticed that incorporating things they love in their design fills ever room with vibrant energy and sooths their soul. Recreating ordinary objects into extraordinary art and symbols of beauty, love, prosperity, and success creates harmony, balance, productivity and well being. Everything in your outer surroundings affects you. Feelmore in touch with yourself and conscious of the world around youthrough co-creating the perfect living workspace custom designed for who you are and who you are becoming.

The good news is that you can begin this process by simply changing the color of a room, moving furniture, and adding greenery, candles and inexpensive d├ęcor items to what you already have. Correct energy flow, space clearing, de-cluttering and positively engaging your five senses are at the core of creating calming, healing spaces. By applying Feng Shui principals to your surroundings, your home or workspace can bring balance, harmony, health, prosperity, and abundance into your life.