CALMING SPACES INTERIORS – Principal & Designer, Sharon Miller

Calming Spaces Interiors, Design, and Remodeling specializes in co-creating calming and healing spaces in a fast turn around process that transforms the lives of residential and business clients.

The firm’s philosophy of good design includes stylish interiors as soulful, passionate expressions of the people who reside in them. Designs often include recreating ordinary and sentimental objects into extraordinary art and symbols of beauty, love, prosperity, and success.

Combining the principles of Feng Shui, the functional needs of the space, and the budget conscious parameters, Calming Space’s designs touch all the senses and harmoniously balance the life energy of its residents. These personal retreats are a true reflection of their owners and occupants.

With our fantastic team we are able to create a unique look that makes you want to relax and stay a while.

SHARON MILLER is an accomplished interior designer, contractor/remodeler, entrepreneur, public speaker, teacher, and visionary.

Sharon was introduced to creative design at a very young age. Her mother founded a home décor, floral design & gift business when she was a child. Her mother’s store became her creative workroom and play space. At an early age, she was consulting with customers about furnishings, design, color, and décor.

Sharon’s father owned a construction company, among other things, so she was always around creating and building stuff. She loved tools, construction, architecture and getting dirty with a designer flair! Through the years she discovered that she is an intuitive, roll-up-your-sleeves-get-dirty designer, remodeler, and refurbisher with a gifted talent for design and color.

What’s her formal training? Her parents, God’s gift, and years of experience. Sharon attended college and pursued a business degree. Interior design and decorating have always been her love, passion, hobby, and therapy. In addition, she gained valuable experience working with three different designers in Austin, TX.

Now Sharon is living her passion for design, project management and remodeling as founder of “Calming Spaces Interiors, Design & Remodeling.” Assisted by a talented team of individuals, sub contractors and artisans, she has successfully created over 500 spaces in the past ten years. Her fast-turnaround style makeovers and remodels are loaded with unique custom and repurposed creations.